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2-year-old child died because of cerebral cortex inflammation

An aggressive type of pneumococcus caused the death of a 2-year-old child, despite the fact that he was vaccinated against this bacterium like other children.

A boy died in the hospital "Meir" in Kfar Saba from the inflammation of the cerebral cortex being hospitalized the day before.

The child felt bad on the Day of Judgment, but his parents thought that later he felt better. However, a day later deterioration occurred, and the neighbors advised parents to take the boy to the hospital. His condition sharply deteriorated to critical and he fell into a coma right in the hospital.

The test showed that the child suffered from a severe brain inflammation, and intracranial pressure has caused irreparable damage.

The efforts of the doctors did not work, and they were forced to pronounce death of the child. Parents decided to donate the organs to those who need transplantation, but wished to remain anonymous.

Doctors say that pneumococcus is the cause of many diseases in childhood and the elderly, including inflammation of the cerebral cortex and blood infection.