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Neuroscientists learn how the brain makes decisions

Leading neuroscientists have launched a project, the results of which will tell how the human brain makes decisions. This information has been reported by The Guardian.

"Life is a constant decision-making, and it's what your brain does. We want to find out how it does it, "said neuroscientist Alexander Pouget from the University of Geneva.

Having financial support form the American Simons Foundation and the English charity fund Wellcome Trust of 10 million pounds sterling (812 million rubles), neurobioligies have created a research project called the International Brain Laboratory (IBL). Half of the participants will be engaged in experiments on mice, and the other half will focus on theoretical models. Together, scientists first learn where, when and how neurons get information from the outside world, realize it and find out how to respond to it. The researchers will analyze the results of experiments using special software.

At the moment, the IBL team involves researchers from University College London, Princeton, Stanford and Columbia Universities, the High Normal School in Paris. In the near future, scientists from other universities will also be involved in the project. Research results are expected in 10-15 years.