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Premature infant’s brain ages faster

According to researchers from the Royal College of London those who were born immature are subject to accelerated aging of the brain. According to experts, the child is considered premature if born before the 37th week of pregnancy.

London experts stated that early birth is fraught with negative consequences for the brain due to the fact that it lacked time for development. They noted that the brain of children is actively developing in the last few weeks of pregnancy. A study involving 328 adult patients born before the 33rd week of pregnancy and several times undergoing an MRI scan showed that there is less gray matter in their brain than people who were born on time.

First of all, it was about very premature babies (born between the 28th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy); their brains clearly showed signs of aging. "Very premature participants aged 19.8 years and 30.6 years had less gray matter in the brain, especially in areas associated with memory and emotion processing," the scientists shared the information.