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Scientists reveal the danger when the brain is connected to the Internet

Engineers from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa successfully transmitted waves of the human brain to the Internet using an electroencephalograph and the so called mini computer Raspberry Pi. This information has been reported by Vice. This means that the brain will soon be able to be connected to the Internet and thus be hacked as well.

"Information can be transmitted from our brains to the web and back" says Adam Pantanowitz, head of the Brainternet research group ("the Internet brain"), and computer science teacher Adam Pantanowitz. However, the scientist is concerned about the ethical side of development that will allow connecting the brain to the Internet in the same way as household devices. Connection of this type is an easy niche for hackers.

The scientist believes that danger of hacking and controlling the minds of people by intruders will become real when engineers learn not just to transfer, but also to download information over the network to the human brain. At the moment the experiments within the "brain internet" are at an early stage, and so Pantanovich proposes to solve some security problems in advance. For instance, create a new independent network for Brainternet. It can be a quantum network, protected from intrusions. "If someone starts hacking or faking information in the middle of the connection, the whole nature of such a network changes to warn about the attack," explains Pantanovich.

Possible threats have already been discussed by the scientific community related to the expansion of the brain's capabilities through connection to the Internet. The study, published in the edition of Frontiers of Neuroengineering, said that hackers will reorient to hacking consciousness and not computers in the nearest future.