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Scientists say: Milk has a negative effect on the brain

American scientists from the University of Duke, located in Northern California, spoke about the negative effect of milk on the human brain. According to experts, this type of product is the cause of mental disorders. According to scientists, calcium contained in milk has an element that is able to narrow blood vessels. This micro-nutrient effect causes dementia in elderly people. The authors of the project decided to held several experiments, where people aged from 60 to 86 took part. The brain tissue traumas were observed in old people who consumed food containing vitamin D and calcium. According to experts, the more the organism receives these micro-elements, the higher the risk of problems with mental abilities.

Calcium affects the obstruction of blood vessels, which affects brain activity, as this way blood flow is significantly reduced. According to the expert Marta Payne, today scientists are concerned about the effect of the above mentioned elements on the human body. Experts are convinced that it is extremely important for elderly people to think over their daily diet.

Earlier it was reported that children's crying affects the brain of parents.